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Better late than never! (Although I’m not a terrific blogger at the best of times, this time I have a good excuse–my computer crashed.)

On September 24, Traveler’s Bookcase in Los Angeles hosted an evening featuring a night dedicated to Vietnam. Despite my fear of public speaking, I had a wonderful time talking about Vietnam and reading excerpts from To Vietnam With Love. Accompanied by a beautiful photo exhibit of images from To Vietnam With Love and Communion: A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam, my sister Julie spoke about photographing Vietnam. Cookbook author and dear friend Ann Le (The Little Saigon Cookbook) discussed Vietnamese food. And Martin’s Travel previewed its 2010 trip to Vietnam.

The best part of the night: all of the unfamiliar faces. It was terrific to have family and friends there, but the audience included numerous people who came because of their interest in learning more about Vietnam. With all of the questions that were asked, the evening was more of a group discussion than a series of short lectures. Added to this was a small buffet of Vietnamese food prepared by Ann, Julie and me: fresh spring rolls, fried rice with lemongrass and shrimp, and broiled chicken with lime leaf.

Many thanks to Natalie and Greg of Traveler’s Bookcase for hosting this wonderful night. I’m looking forward to launching Communion at this terrific independent bookstore.

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